treasures of the heart

stewardship campaign 2018

“Treasures Of The Heart”

Lakewood’s Stewardship Emphasis


In the past month, our Lakewood UMC family has been an example of Christ by

reaching out through service to our disaster-affected neighbors. Our hearts are

with our community as we continue to help each other recover, renew, and rebuild.

During the month of October, we are inviting each of you to prayerfully

consider opportunities of stewardship by means of the resources the Lord has

given us. We will also strive to renew our individual vows to support our congregation

with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. Our God is an

extravagant God. In all of this, no blessing exceeds that of the grace which extends

to each of us by way of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Over the next few weeks, please check your mail, email, newsletter, and our

church social media pages for information about this special time of reflection

and commitment. You will be receiving a letter from Pastor Joe Fort, along with

your 2018 “Treasures Of The Heart” Stewardship Commitment Card. 

Join us in prayer as we ask the Lord to multiply that which we have to give, 

and to give from the heart.

Our Commitment Sunday will be October 22. Please bring your card to service

and share in a special service of commitment, as we give over in faith to God so

that He may multiply our resources to further His kingdom.


Thank you for your generosity! 

To donate to our Disaster Relief Fund, please click on the link below and enter the amount you would like to donate in the "Disaster Relief" section.

God bless each of you! #reaching #growing #serving

online giving


You may give online, or cash and checks may be dropped in the offertory baskets each week during services. 

They may also be mailed to: 

Lakewood United Methodist Church

Attention: Finance Department

11330 Louetta Road

Houston, Texas 77070

If you would prefer to deliver your check in person, feel free to drop it by the church offices. Please make checks payable to "Lakewood United Methodist Church." 


Click here to donate via our online giving tool. 

These donations are processed as E-checks. You will need your bank routing number and your checking or savings account number. 

Your bank routing number is a nine digit number. It may be found on the bottom of your check or by calling your personal bank. 

Please note that we are not currently able to accept contributions made via credit or debit cards.