stewardship campaign 2017

“Loaves and Fishes”

October is Lakewood’s Month of Stewardship Emphasis


In the feeding of the five thousand, we saw a lunch being offered in faith to Jesus and then multiplied beyond measure. 

We seldom can predict in advance what will come of the things that we offer up to God. 

The blessings often enter the world in unexpected ways. 

But we trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about miracles of multiplication and blessing in the world.


Dear Lakewood Church Family,


We are truly grateful for those of you who have turned in your 2017 commitment cards so far. Many of these were brought forward during our services of commitment on Sunday, October 23 at the church. If you have been out of town, or have yet to turn in your card, please take a moment to complete it this week. You may either mail it to us, or place it in the offering plate next Sunday. The church mailing address is: 11330 Louetta Road, Houston, Texas 77070.


Beginning this week, we also are providing the capability for you to complete your 2016 commitment card onlineThe online form will be emailed directly to our financial office. Any information about giving will be kept confidential, while other information (concerning service interests, etc.) will be forwarded to appropriate areas within the congregation.


Once again, thank you for your faithfulness and support of Lakewood United Methodist Church. God bless you.

The Reverend Joe Fort

Senior Pastor

"Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish." -John 6:9

Follow this link to GIVE ONLINE

Follow this link to submit your 2017 "Loaves and Fishes" Stewardship Card online

online giving


Follow this link to submit your 2017 "Loaves and Fishes" Stewardship Card online


Believers give to God and to the Church of Jesus Christ in response to the gifts and promises that we have received. The Lord has blessed all of us immensely by loving us unconditionally and by offering us undeserved grace by way of the cross of Christ. We give back to the Lord out of gratitude for these blessings. 

It is also true that God uses our giving to help each of us to grow spiritually. In this sense our giving becomes an opportunity for the Lord to mold our lives into becoming more generous persons in all aspects of our being. 

Finally, by giving to Christ’s Church we are able to participate in the work of the Kingdom of God that the Church uniquely undertakes. Our gifts enable lives to be touched for Christ and needs to be met in the world that we would be unable to accomplish if left to ourselves. We can share in the work of the Gospel and mission initiatives through the Church in ways that multiply the effect of whatever we are able to give. 


You may give online, or cash and checks may be dropped in the offertory baskets each week during services. 

They may also be mailed to: 

Lakewood United Methodist Church

Attention: Finance Department

11330 Louetta Road

Houston, Texas 77070

If you would prefer to deliver your check in person, feel free to drop it by the church offices. Please make checks payable to "Lakewood United Methodist Church." 


Click here to donate via our online giving tool. 

These donations are processed as E-checks. You will need your bank routing number and your checking or savings account number. 

Your bank routing number is a nine digit number. It may be found on the bottom of your check or by calling your personal bank. 

Please note that we are not currently able to accept contributions made via credit or debit cards.