what are table groups?

Table Groups are a thriving small-group ministry at Lakewood. They are called ‘Table Groups’ because Christians grow closer to God and one another when we gather together around tables. And that’s what this ministry is all about. It’s about gathering around dinner tables to break bread. It’s about gathering around coffee tables to reflect and pray. It’s about waiting the tables of the poor and the hungry. And it’s about gathering around the Lord’s Table.

Participants will join Table Groups of 10-14 others for weekly in-home gatherings, shared meals, engagement in mission and more. These transformational groups eat together, pray together, read Scripture together and serve God together. Table Groups immerse participants in life-giving Christian community and help participants grow deeper in communion with God.

how does it work?

Once a week, each Table Group will gather at the host Group-member’s home. The first meeting and every fourth meeting after that will simply be a Group potluck, a time for food and fellowship together. At the other weekly meetings, the Group will spend time exploring Scripture and reflecting prayerfully together about where God is at work in their lives and how they are responding to God. Throughout the year, each Table Group will engage in mission throughout the community and participate in the process of making disciples for Jesus Christ.

how do i join a table group?

Step 1: Register Online and Attend ‘TableTalk’ (Sunday, September 9th from 6:00-8:00 in Asbury Hall)

  • Registration for Table Groups will open up on August 12th and will close on September 2nd. In order to register for a Table Group, please follow the following link and fill out the Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/G6QduARAagINRkNw2.
  • TableTalk is a participant-training and Table-Group-formation event all rolled into one evening. We will eat dinner together, hear the details about how Table Groups work, and meet the Leaders. We will close by participating in Holy Communion together.

Step 2: Invest for 4 Weeks

  • From the week of September 16th to the week of October 7th, we want you to fully participate in your Table Group.
  • If, by the end of your Group’s 4th meeting, you feel that this Table Group is just not for you, you will have the opportunity to bow out. Again, no hard feelings.
  • But we think you will enjoy your first month of Table Group and will want to commit for the remainder of this academic year.

Step 3: Keep Investing until early May:

  • By Week 5, your Table Group will be a committed community of brothers and sisters who will continue to journey together. All Groups will break for the summer after the week of May 5th. If you make Table Group a priority in your life, invest in those relationships and seek God’s presence in your time together, you will see God’s transformational grace at work in your life and in the life of your Group. Guaranteed!

That’s it! We hope you will want to participate in a Table Group next fall and beyond.  Questions? Contact Pastor Shuler Sitsch at shuler.sitsch@lakewoodumc.org