Revive Summer camp 2019

Revive Summer Camp 2019 is almost here! This webpage contains all necessary information for those who have signed up to send students to Revive.


We are greatly looking forward to the weekend and are excited to see how God will work during our time together at Mt. Wesley Retreat Center in Kerrville, TX. Revive is going to be an environment that encourages students to grow in discipleship through worship, small group times, serving those in need in Kerrville, time in fellowship at the Guadalupe River, and more. We’ll be with students from other churches. You can find the schedule that Revive has published attached to this email.


Each parent must do the following by this Sunday June 30:

  • 1.     Click this link and register their student with Revive individually. At the bottom of the form, click “Pay by Mail”.  
  • 2.    Click here to fill out the Revive waiver for your student

Each adult leader going with us must do the following by Sunday June 30:

  • 1.     Click here to fill out the Revive waiver for yourself

Cell phones and other electronics are not allowed at Revive. Please help us with this by making your student(s) leave these at home. At check in on Sunday July 7, students will be required to either:

  • 1.    Turn their cell phone in to student ministry staff OR
  • 2.   Give their cell phone to their parent in front of our check-in staff. 


All students and adults must have a form on file. If you have filled one out since last August 26, then you do not need to fill out another one.




CLICK HERE FOR THE MEDICATION FORM (only for any students who take prescription meds)




If your student takes medications we need the medication form filled out and turned in with the medication.

  •  If a student takes medication, we need to have medication (in the prescription bottle from the pharmacy) along with the attached medication form brought to check-in on Sunday July 7. We suggest that parents send only the amount of medication that the student needs for the weekend. This will be helpful in keeping up with medication by not having to pick it up when we return. You can ask your pharmacist for another original bottle. All medications will be secured. Please do not pack over the counter meds for your student. We will have these if needed.
  •  All students and adults must have an updated Medical Information Form on file. You can find those at the link above. We have two options to be filled out for adults and two options to have filled out for students. One can be filled out on a computer and emailed to and the other can be printed out, filled out by hand, and brought to the student ministry office or scanned and emailed to Please email these completed forms to Mistye or drop them off in the office no later than Wednesday 7/3.

Below are a few additional items that you need to be aware of:

  • Students will meet at the church just inside the Jones Road entrance at 1:00pm on Sunday July 7.
  • We will stop for dinner before we arrive in Kerrville. You have already paid for this meal.
  • All students need to bring $10 for lunch on Thursday afternoon. We will stop for a meal on our way home. Please let me know if you might need help with this.
  • We will return to the church at about 5:00pm on Thursday July 11. Please pick up your student at this time.
  • The camp this year will be at Mt. Wesley Retreat Center in Kerrville. We will be driving to and from there in vans. It will take approximately 4 hours each way. 

Cell phones and other electronics are not allowed at Revive. Please help us with this by making your students leave these at home. These distract from God’s movement during the weekend and therefore should be left at home. If there is an emergency, you will be able to get a hold of your student at either of the numbers that were emailed to parents.

We are very excited about Revive and look forward to what God will be doing in the life of our student ministry. Please spend the next 10 days praying that Revive is a time in which the Holy Spirit moves among all of the students and adults going, and that we experience spiritual revival. Pray that those that don’t know Christ can meet him there and be encouraged along with those that do know Him to follow Him in the power of the Holy Spirit. Please also pray for the health and safety of all participating.




Pastor Clay Smallwood

Student Ministry Director

Lakewood UMC


Physical address - 610 Methodist Encampment Rd, Kerrville, TX 78028