Global Missions

CLICK HERE to go to the Lakewood Missions Blog to see a listing of future missions and pictures from recent missions, supported missionaries and their recent communications and prayer requests, as well as other international projects we support. 

Lakewood United Methodist Church Missions Program is comprised of many facets, including supporting international missionaries and projects, providing relief funds to other churches/communities in need, and sending mission teams to domestic and international locations to do various types of activities. 

Lakewood’s Global Missions Program is striving to build relationships with other parts of the Body of Christ outside our own walls. Our strategy to do this is to support missions and programs that: 

Train indigenous people to be Christian leaders in other countries. 

  • Train indigenous people to be Christian leaders in other countries.
  • Contain outreach and evangelistic ministries.
  • Contain ‘compassion ministries’ that provide relief to people and communities in need.  

All of LUMC is encouraged to support the Missions Program in various ways including participating in a mission team by going on a trip or sponsoring a trip participant, support the missionaries we sponsor through prayer and direct communication, participating in local projects as they come up, and other financial support. Proceeds from the sale of coffee and other fair trade items in our LakeWorld store also go to support LUMC missions.

Countries Where We Serve

  • Bolivia

    A nine day construction-based mission trip to Bolivia is tentatively planned for the latter part of July and into August. We will be housed in Cochabamba and working in Sacaba, near the site of the Cotani and Luz de Vida churches that we helped to build. Besides working on their church (Lava Lava), we will also offer Bible school and other relational opportunities. For more details, contact Tom Smith at, or Jack Aulick at 

  • International Missionaries and Projects

    An important part of the Global Mission Program is the supporting of select international missionaries and projects/institutions. Currently we support two international seminaries: United Wesleyan Graduate Institute in Hong Kong and West African Theological Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria. Current missionary support includes Jack Rea who serves as the Chairman of the Board at the United Wesleyan Graduate Institute in Hong Kong and Guillermo (Willie) Berman who is the Director of Manos Juntas Ministry in Reynosa, Mexico.

  • Costa Rica

    Lakewood missions to Coat Rica have been focused on small Methodist churches that are in need of help with expanding their facilities.  Our teams typically spend a week with the people of these churches over 2-3 summers and develop gracious and loving relationships with the congregation.  the team will worship, fellowship, and work along side of these beautiful people.  Teams also have an opportunity for great fellowship and building relationships with each other.  Lastly the team spends 1-2 days partaking in rest and reflection in one of many beautiful places this county has to offer.

  • Mexico

    Mission teams travel to the Texas-Mexico border annually to work with and financially support the Manos Juntas Ministry (Hands Together) of the Methodist Church of Mexico.  Team activities will usually include a half day children's Bible school, working with the local children on a community project, helping Manos Juntas with teaching/training, construction work, or sponsoring and serving a meal to a community in need.

  • Kenya

    Lakewood has developed a special and enduring relationship with the people of the Maua Methodist Hospital (MMH) in Maua, Kenya.  The amazing people of MMH provide physical and spiritual care to the people in this community and surrounding area.  Mission teams usually spend a week in Maua helping MMH with various outreach programs (AIDS Orphans, Remote clinics, etc.) and their internal needs (construction, training, etc.)  Also, teams will typically spend a few days serving at another location such as a Methodist church om Nairobi.  Lastly, teams will enjoy the amazing wildlife sites on a Safari somewhere in Kenya.