Sunday school




9:30 and 10:50 Classes Available


'By The Way' focuses on developing discipleship in parents of school aged children by reading and discussing God's Word one chapter at a time. We use group discussion and individual accountability to take The Word and understand the ways in which it can apply to our daily lives and families. Finally, we strive to foster a warm and inclusive group dynamic that builds a foundation of Christian faith, love and works. *FC210

Discovery has been fortunate to have had Tom Miller as their excellent teacher for several years. The class includes those aged 50+ and enjoys spirited discussions. Contact Frank Miller for more information. *Founders Court

Explorers is the perfect place for you to experience faith, fun and fellowship! They are a diverse group, whose focus is to enrich the lives of their families by learning and growing together. Topics and facilitators vary with the faithful Word of God at the center of every study. For more information, please contact Perry Cole. *A204

Family Matters holds lively discussions on a variety of topics that affect family life. They try to learn how to live a good Christian life in the suburbs of Houston in today's society and to keep it interesting; they rotate their leaders on a weekly basis. If you have any other questions about this class, please contact Howard Volz. *E205 

Friends in Faith is a small class of older, independent-minded adults. This group rotates teaching responsibilities among the class members and enjoys discussion on a wide variety of contemporary religious topics. Please contact Judy Jackson to learn more about this class. *FC106

Horizons offers a variety of biblical and contemporary religious topics, while supporting and participating in missions and service. The vision of this group is to actively share and grow in their love of Christ and others through fellowship, support and service. Horizons is currently studying "The Wesleyan Way" by Scott J. Jones. The group is made up of fun-loving adults of all ages. For more information, please contact Scott Johnson. *FC110

New Beginnings is under the leadership of Steve Morrow. If you're looking for a small group to join and haven't been a part of a class or small group for some time (or ever), this may be the place for you! Check them out or contact Steve. *FC210

Pathfinders is geared towards adults in their mid-30's and up. Class goals include spiritual growth, fellowship, faith building, Bible study, life-application and discussion. They enjoy opportunities for service and have periodic socials. Teaching responsibilities are shared by rotating members. For more information, please contact Mike Launikitis. *A205

Visions is for all adults, but primarily attracts those in their 20's and 30's with growing families. Their goal is to grow spiritually in order to strengthen the bonds between themselves, their spouses and God. Teaching responsibilities are shared by class members. Please contact John Mann for more information. *A201


Mead is a seniors' class that uses the Adult Bible Series, an ongoing study from the United Methodist curriculum resources that covers both the Old and New Testaments. Mariella Carr is their long-term teacher, and she does an excellent job! The class is for those 60 and up; contact Mariella at to learn more. *Founders Court

Searchers was formed to meet the needs of adults aged 40-50 and up or anyone interested. For more information, please contact Connie Kear. *FC209

Surveyors is for adults of all ages and visitors are most welcome. They select a book from the Bible for in-depth study. Their weekly Bible study typically consists of a lecture time, reading of Scripture and then lively discussion. The class is taught by Jim Windsor, who can provide you with additional information. *E118

Women of the Word (WOW) is for women of all ages and they study the Adult Bible Series curriculum. They are led by Carolyn Spillane, who would be happy to answer any questions. *E118 

*For contact info, please call the church office at 281-370-2273.