Adult Sunday School Classes


20/30s Ministry is for young adults age 20's - 30's. This is a discussion-driven Bible study with a wide range of topics from various books of the Bible. For more information contact Brian and Stephanie Davis at *E207

*Discovery studies the Bible, has social events, support local missions, and provides a support network for its members. The class includes those aged 60+ and enjoys spirited discussions. Teacher: Skip Simmons, Class President: John Gordley. Contact Ginny Robertson at for more information. *ZOOM

*Faith Builders is for families with school-age and college-age children. This class is led by rotating facilitators and builds their faith though studying and living out God’s Word. They support local missions and have monthly fellowship gatherings.  Contact Misty Celli at or Mary Lynn Broyles at for more information.  *A205

*Horizons is made up of adults of all ages. This class selects their own curriculum and has a rotation of facilitators. The class offers generosity and compassion through acts and support of church, local, domestic, and foreign missions. For more information, please contact Curtis Ruggles at *FC108/109 (Music Suite)

*New Beginnings is a place for those who haven't been a part of a Sunday School group for some time (or ever). Adults of all ages are welcome. For more information contact Tina Smith at or Mary Ann Sweet at *FC211

*Pathfinders is for all adults, all ages. They focus on understanding what Christ would like us to know and spread of the Word. 

Pathfinders are just about to start a new 5-week study from Amplify! It’s "Anxious for Nothing - Finding Calm in a Chaotic World” by Max Lucado. For more information, please contact Dave Frye at *FC219

*Surveyors. This co-ed class is for adults 50+, but welcomes adults of any age. Led by Sandra Williams, the Surveyor class selects a book from the Bible for in-depth study. Contact for more information. *E118

Wisdom Seekers holds lively discussions! They rotate their facilitators on a weekly basis. All adults 30+ welcome. If you have any questions about this class, please contact Howard Volz at *FC110


Mead is for older adults, but adults of all ages are welcome.  Led by Mariella Carr, the Mead class focuses on deep Bible study. Please contact Bill Krumel at for any additional information. *Founders Court

*Searchers is for adults of all ages who want to enhance their understanding of Christian principles as they relate to contemporary issues. Leadership of the lessons will be shared among our members. 

Please contact Connie Kear at for any additional information. *FC209

*Women of the Word (WOW) is for women of all ages. Their curriculum is from the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study Series. 

For more information please contact Barbara Kendall at *E118


If you are interested in joining a Sunday School Class or need help finding a class that will fit your schedule please contact Hector Castelltort for additional information.