Table Talk


TableTalk ’20-’21 Highlights & Important Information

Closed Groups: 

  • Groups will be “closed” for the ’20-’21 Table Group year. Groups being “closed” means that the roster that is has been set prior to October 11th for each group is the roster that will continue to meet for the rest of the year. We’re closing groups for two major reasons. 
  1. The comfortability of leaders and participants: Since most of our groups will be meeting in person and in homes, we want to be sure that all leaders and participants are comfortable with those in their groups as we go about observing proper social distancing protocol. 
  2. Experimental purposes: As we move into the ’21-’22 year and beyond, we will allow some groups to function as “closed groups” and some to function as “open groups.” The closed groups will follow a life group format, while the open groups may add members throughout each year. 


  • Groups that use childcare will start meeting on the week of November 1st. 
  • It will be essential for each participant to RSVP ahead of time each week for childcare. 
  • Group that are using childcare will receive more information prior to meetings beginning on November 1st . 

Meetings In-Person & Meeting via Zoom:

  • Groups that are meeting in person must follow proper social distancing protocol. This includes, but is not limited, to: 
  1. Wearing a mask in homes
  2. Staying 6 feet apart whenever possible
  3. Washing hands when entering and exiting homes
  • Groups that are meeting on Zoom must let Pastor Shuler ( know ahead of time. Your group will receive a link that you can use weekly for these meetings. 

Studies for the Upcoming Year: 

  • #1: Who Are You?
  • #2: Jonah
  •  #3: Half-Truths
  • #4: Lent
  • #5: Easter/Eastertide
  • #6: TBD

Potluck Weeks: 

  • Potlucks will always happen on the third full week of every month. The dates are as follows:                                            October 18th, November 15th, December 20th, January 17th, February 21st, March 21st, April 18th , May 16th , June 6th       (Final Meeting)
  • If you are planning on eating a meal together at your potlucks, please be sure to space out appropriately. If you have the opportunity to eat outdoors, please do so! If you do not feel comfortable eating, I would encourage your group to think outside of the box for fellowship opportunities that you can participate in during these weeks!  

Anything Else? • Contact Pastor Shuler ( for any and all other questions!

What is a table group?

Table Groups are a small-group ministry at Lakewood. They are called “Table Groups” because Christians grow closer to God and one another when we gather around tables. It’s about gathering around dinner tables to break bread. It’s about gathering around coffee tables to reflect and pray. It’s about waiting the tables of the poor and the hungry. And it’s about gathering around the Lord’s Table.

Participants will join Table Groups of 10-14 others for weekly gatherings, shared meals, engagement in mission, and more. These transformational groups eat together, pray together, read Scripture together, and serve God together. Table Groups immerse participants in life-giving Christian community and help participants grow deeper in communion with God and with one another.


Table Group FAQ'S

When and where do Table Groups meet? Table Groups meet once a week either on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night. Most Table Groups will meet in someone’s home, but there are some groups that elect to meet at Lakewood in one of our many classrooms. Once sign-ups begin, you will be able to see each available Table Group. You will be provided the day that each group meets, a general location for the meetings, and an age range for the specific group. 

What do we do at each meeting? We begin each meeting with a time of fellowship. We then transition into a time of scriptural study and conversation with one another. We then go through some “checking-in” questions with one another and conclude with prayer. Once a month, each group will meet for a potluck rather than following our typical weekly outline.

Is there childcare provided? Childcare is provided for those who need it at the church. Before each meeting, you will be able to drop your children off at Lakewood UMC and pick them up after your meeting has concluded.

Who should i contact for more information? Contact Pastor Shuler at for more information!