Operation Christmas Child

Leah Circle of Lakewood UMW is handing out shoeboxes at the church office for you to fill with Christmas gifts for children all over the world. Once filled, bring your shoeboxes back to the church and deposit in the large plastic container outside the church office. OR YOU CAN BUILD A BOX ONLINE! 

WAIT -- COVID ALERT! Do not want to pick up box or shop for toys this year. You can still bring joy to the world! Gifts of filled shoeboxes bring smiles and joy to children, as well as providing Gospel opportunities which open doors to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with children and their families. Visit our website for all the details. *Lakewood's Leah Circle has a goal of 200 to be built by November 15th. We are at 74 now.

Super easy, just click here to use the link for Lakewood's Leah Circle web goal page to build a box online. You can choose to build a box yourself or have Samaritan's purse build one for you. All for just $25 per shoebox. That includes the $9 shipping.