Classes are 9:15-1:00

Stay and Play extends from 1:00-2:30

Infants                                 Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Toddlers                              Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Young Twos                        Tuesday & Thursday

Turning Threes                    

Three Year Olds                  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

(must be potty trained)     Tuesday & Thursday


Four Year Olds                    Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

                                              Tuesday & Thursday

                                              Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday


Bridge                                   Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

Five Year Olds                      


Friday Enrichment              Open to 4 & 5 year olds also                                                          enrolled in other classes

*One set of teachers teaches MWF and another teaches T-Th

**Friday enrichment is an extra day for 4 and 5 year olds who are not in class on Friday. Check with the school office for more information on this program.