Every bit that anyone gives, God multiples it and uses it for His good.

Do good... in every possible situation!

Pastor John gave a beautiful sermon on the power of putting our treasures on Heaven, for only then can we truly be happy.

In Sunday's sermon, Pastor Shuler explains that God will provide the things that we need to survive if we put our time and faith in Him, instead of putting our time and faith into accumulating wealth.

Our amazing guest speaker, Kathrin Meier, the Executive Director of Neighbors In Action, spoke about the importance of global outreach and spreading love to everyone regardless of differences. We were blessed to have her presence at LUMC.

Peace Filled Center: Traditional

FIVE holy tips that provide abundant inner peace when adopted into one's life. Over the next five days, we will highlight one of the five tips and hopefully you all will be able to find the one that God is drawing you towards! Day #1 is Remember!