Domestic Missions

Disaster ReCovery

Lakewood does Disaster Recovery Missions locally, domestically, and internationally. Our local missions might be only a couple of days or up to a week. The missions that are away from our immediate area will usually be for a week or more. Our teams go to help families recover from disasters such as flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. We send teams all year around. For more information contact Jack Aulick.

UMCOR Sager Brown in Baldwin, LA

This is a great mission opportunity that does not involve heavy construction work or require extensive travel. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) owns and operates the Sager Brown Depot facility in Baldwin, LA. This depot assembles, stages, and ships disaster recovery 'kits' wherever they are needed all over the world. Lakewood sends two teams a year that spend 5 days preparing and boxing kits, sorting supplies, supporting local Baldwin ministries, and helping with home repair in the immediate area. For more information contact Jack Aulick.

Local Missions

Lakewood's global Mission program also offers help and support for local organizations. Examples are local ministries such as Mission Milby community Center in south Houston or at Neighbors in Action in east Houston at the Port. We support these ministries financially and sending teams for 1-2 days of repair and construction support. For more information on local missions, contact Betty Christian.