Global Missions

Lakewood’s Global Missions Global Program is comprised of many facets, including sending mission teams to domestic and international locations to do various types of activities, supporting international missionaries and projects, providing relief funds to other churches/communities in need, etc.
Our Global Missions Program strives to empower Ambassadors of God’s Love and build relationships with other parts of the Body of Christ outside our own walls. Our strategy to do this is to support missions and programs that:
· Train indigenous people to be Christian leaders in other countries.
· Contain outreach and evangelistic ministries.
· Contain ‘compassion ministries’ that provide relief to people, families, and communities in need.
All of Lakewood is encouraged to support the Missions Program in various ways including participating on a mission team or sponsoring a trip participant, support the missionaries we sponsor through prayer or direct communication, participating in local projects as they come up, pray for the international projects we support, etc.

2021 Kenya Mission

Lakewood is planning to send another mission team to Kenya in September of  2021.  The team will spend 1 week or more in Maua supporting Hospital by:
❖ Help at Hospital as needed (library, wards, painting, etc.)
❖ Aids Home
❖ Remote Clinic
❖ Visit Outreach Schools (ECD, Hope, Boys Rescue, etc.)
❖ Sunday Worship: St. Joseph’s & Stanley’s Church
❖ Stanley wants to host team at his house on a Sunday

Contact Jack Aulick with questions at


Mission teams travel to the Texas-Mexico border annually to work with and financially support the Manos Juntas Ministry (Hands Together) of the Methodist Church of Mexico. Team activities will usually include a half day children's Bible school, working with the local children on a community project, helping Manos Juntas with teaching/training, construction work, or sponsoring and serving a meal to a community in need.


Lakewood believes that missionaries are a very critical component of spreading The Gospel across the world. The commitments and sacrifices that they make and the hard work that they endure for His church is extraordinary and always humbling. We support the missionaries below through our prayers, various donations, sending mission teams, and sharing of our financial blessings. We are excited to support two young missionaries that ‘graduated’ from Lakewood’s Youth Program; after leaving Lakewood and going on to college they felt ‘called’ by God to spread His word and now one of these missionaries is in Romania and the other is in Turkey. Lastly we support a General Board of Global Ministries missionary that serves as the Director of the Manos Juntas Ministry in the Rio Bravo – Reynosa area of Mexico.


Lakewood also supports international institutions and ministries that are aligned with training indigenous people to be Christian leaders, contain outreach and evangelistic ministries, or that contain ‘compassion ministries’ that provide relief to people and communities in need. Currently we support the West African Theological Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria which is developing Christian leaders for all of Africa and beyond and Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya.