Senior Roast 2021

Friday May 7, 2021 6:30-8:30pm at Lakewood UMC

All throughout scripture we see milestones marked and celebrated. One is in 1 Samuel 7 when God’s people are turning back to Him after a period of great sin. God is faithful and rescues the Israelites from an attack by their enemies, so the prophet Samuel builds a monument with a stone to honor what the Lord has done. He calls this stone “Ebenezer” which means “God has helped us get here”. As parents reflect on the last 18 years, they can certainly identify how God has helped them to get their son or daughter here. Senior Roast is a tradition of the Lakewood UMC Student Ministry that honors graduating high school seniors and gives an opportunity for parents to metaphorically build a monument with their own Ebenezer.

Parents received an email and letter in the US mail in mid-March with details of everything they need to know to make this year's Senior Roast a success. If you did not receive this letter, please email

Click below to provide all necessary information for your graduating senior.