Grow Groups

Grow Groups are taking a break this summer and will return in the fall as the school year begins. 

The goal of Grow Groups is to help students grow to become more like Jesus. One of the BEST ways to do that is in small groups that band together to meet regularly to push one another on to be like Christ. So the focus is on accountability, but there will be some time in scripture as well. The accountability time will be focused on the “check in” that is designed to encourage movement away from sin and into holiness.

These groups are divided by grade and gender to allow for the best and most honest conversation. But they’ll need to look different for 6th graders than they do 12th graders. Middle school groups might have some more play/fun time before they get into discussion while high schoolers might have a longer discussion time.

The ultimate goal is to help students together become more and more like Jesus by rooting out sin and moving into holiness.